Cab-a-like instructions!

Here are my instructions for my most wanted cab-a-likes.
Please enjoy but do not repost any of this info or pictures.
If you have any questions or I left out something please e-mail me at
the bottom of the page.

***USE WIRE***
1-make a circle of beads the just barely won't go over the edge
of the jewel..And make the pattern so it is like

Then end here and tie together....obvisously make it bigger.. ok? good!
2-next go throught the RED colored bead you are beside
with your longer piece of wire. next on the same wire
bead on this pattern

and go through the next bead the is R colored.
Do this all the way around and it should look like this:

3-next thing is go up through the three beads to make
your long wire at a point of the netting.
Next bead on seven beads in the pattern of three blues, one pink, three blues.
and go through the tip of the next "stack".
It should look like this:

ok? good.....typing is making me tired.....
4-next go up the beads to the top of the netting and....
.....go through all the tops with the wire twice
WITH the jewel facing down.

you might have to send the wire across
to make it stay better....weave in and cut
and you are done!!!!

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