Here is my 1st attemt at a dutch spiral!

Here are two beadie critters one from lyrics book and the other my own design

My 1st ever bag!***SOLD***

Here is a net of the many I have..I do these in my extra time...sorry 'bout that scan.

I made these "cab alikes" out of those little glue on gems that you get in like Jazzy Jewerly sets.

My 1st Slave chain...couldn't scan the hand...looked bad.

A necklace I did while teaching a friend.

Here is a bag I made just because
I love fantasy...if you didn't
know it's a fairy.

And the back of it.

My second dutch spiral!

OK RED IS ORANGE!!! Lace bag from bead and
button and my lion pattern.

ok they don't fit a quarter..I messed up
purple on has an indented flap
called coral
blue is ice..

a neclace...

ones a wall hanging the other is...umm....nothing?


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